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Unlimited number of leave/holiday
The leave manager system allows you to create an unlimited number of leave/holiday. Once the entry is created you can then change its features or delete it.
Unlimited number of employees
The leave manager system allows you to create an unlimited number of employees. Once the employee is created you can change its features or delete it.
Unlimited number leave type
A leave category manager has been included which allow you to choose the types of absence you want to record, like sick day, and associate a color with it.
Let employees see their own leave or all employees' leave
Depending on how you want the system to work you can let your employees to see only their own leave or let them see all employee' leave.
Multi-Days Booking
You can choose between 4 different types of booking: Once for only one booking, Daily for multiple days booking, Weekly and Fortnightly for multiple weeks booking.
Images Manager
Take pictures of your different employees and then insert it in the leave manager system by using our Images Manager. You have nothing to install (no dll), our system will detect your settings automically.
European and American Format Date
The date can be in the European or American format. The European format is for example 22/10/02 while the American format is 10/22/02
Email Configuration
You can put the information of your own email server, choose the asp object that you have installed on your system and change the content of your messages.
Switch on/off user registration
You can decide whether you want that the user to register or not before making a reservation. You can also decide whether the user can see the system without registering or not.
Users Manager
The user can have access to a history of all his reservations, edit them if necessary or delete them.
Colors Picker
Our Colors Picker will help you to choose the right colors for your leave manager system.
Customisable Header & Footer easily
You can include your own HTML code easily in the system allowing you integrate the system seamlessly into your site.
Multi-Department System
You can display your employees by department if your company has too many employees.
Change Position of Calendar
You may locate the calendar at the top of the display, or on the left-hand side.
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