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"I just would like to note that this Calendar is the best I have seen. It literally has everyone else beat hands down! There is not one single Calendar that even touches what you have put together. I want you to know that I speak from personal experience. I have tried every Calendar on every script, code, application site available. I have done over 55+ hours of research, so believe me when I make this statement you ought to be very proud as I’m sure you are. I would not even dare recommend any Calendar, but the one you have. DigiRez is and should be the standard PERIOD! I am very excited about what the future holds."

Jeff Allen - Financial Gateway International (website)

"We needed a small script to optimize the use of our assets through our intranet, allowing remote booking for our staff whose regular workplace was not in the office. Digirez with a couple of modifications was able manage all our Meeting Rooms and common assets which are shared by all the company. The four main reasons for choosing Digirez:

  • Very flexible configuration, allowing constant room changes. Multiple Languages and configurations.
  • Clean and lean code, easy to integrate on our intranet, inheriting all the users.
  • Intuitive console allowed all the company to operate and manage their reservations the next day, without training nor manuals.
  • Comprehensive and outstanding support. Even before purchase we had answers to our questions on the capabilities of the application.

Mark O. Loeches Wilson - Fujitsu España Services (website) (screenshot)

"We are attempting to set up a not for profit carshare scheme and needed an easy online booking system - This program has proved to be the best we have found for this type of function and we have been very pleased with the level of support shown, especially since we are using a room booking package in a rather unorthodox way!"

Jae Campbell - Hour Car - Hebden Bridge (website)

"We chose 'DigiRez' after a long and profound search over the net for a decent booking application. From the start, 'DigiRez' met with all our expectations of this kind of application, regarding both functionality and friendliness. Installation and customization were very easy and intuitive, yet powerful, and so is using the application from the end user point of view. We could say a lot more about 'DigiRez', nevertheless, you may find the most valuable quality of this product to be the technical support: starting from pre-sale information to extra specific customizations that were requested, all have been met with very quick and professional responses. Highly Recommended!"

Mali Salmon Divon - Web site manager - Life Sciences Faculty - Bar-Ilan University, Israel (website)

"I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help in getting DigiRez system installed on my web site. Your software is very versatile, excellent quality and does a great job for my customers to reserve our training room. As a person who has run a software company for over 13 years, I know how hard it can be to get a software product introduced to the market and even more difficult is getting it launched successfully to the masses. I have worked with many companies over the years, and the ones who are still in business are those that listened and reacted to their customer's needs. I want you to know that your customer service is among the best I have ever seen. You have listened to my thoughts of potential new features and added most of them in very versatile ways within days. With your dedication to the customer, I know that your products and your company will grow strongly over the years. Thank you again for all of your interest in your customers. I know that we all appreciate your efforts and you are building a very loyal customer channel who will help you grow in the future."

Mike Strand - President - Formerly President of StrandWare, Inc. (website)

"I would like to thanks Digiappz for an amazing professionalism and a great response time. Not only they added several features I had in mind in a matter of days but they also did it with high touch. Thanks."

S.Beaujouan - Juniper Networks (website)

"This is support like support should be! Congratulations for such a good working Customer Care and people who understand their business."

Michael Kocurek - Bactive (website)

"Digiappz' commitment to customer service is refreshing in an industry in which, too often, it is hard to make contact with the people behind the computers. I was truly impressed by Digiappz' prompt and attentive responses to my questions and concerns. They produced a user-friendly, easy-to-use program that will make the administration of our facility run much more smoothly in the months to come."

Harry Ozerson - Network Administrator - Hebrew College (website)

"After months of looking for a booking system that could cope with the demands of a School environment it was refreshing to find a piece of software that could do exactly what it said it could.The software is excellent and the after sales support is second to none."

Alan Richards - Network Manager - The Long Eaton School (website)

"Thank you guys for creating such a wonderful affiliate software. It is one of the best I have seen on the web. It is so easy to use and allows even a small site to have a professional affiliate program. I really liked the ability to customize everything. Best of all was the tech support that I received from your company. Despite asking numerous questions, I was consistently responded within 24 hours. The tech support staff is so patient. They resolved every problem with 100% results. I would recommend all websites to have this software. I was so happy with their service, that I volunteered to have this testimonial on their website."

Nimish Thakkar, New York (website)

"DigiDomain is an amazing tool for Domain resellers. I would recommend it to any reseller needing a user friendly domain registering interface. I have tried several programs and none of them compare to DigiDomain. I was totally amazed at how easy it is to use the system especially how easy it is to seamlessly implement it into my own website . Not to mention the great support from the team at Digiappz."

Lewis Richards - MindCreative Web Hosting and Domain Name Registering (website).

"Without a doubt the DigiDomain product is one of the best software packages I have run across in a long time. It's not often I run across a product that actually exceeds my expectation. I appreciate the fact that there is finally a product that puts the control of the software back in the hands of the developer.
Also I cannot say enough about their support staff. It's clear they take customer support very serious. There was not a question I submitted that did not receive resolution within they day I submitted it. They were also very instrumental with the integration of the product into my site.
I cannot thank you enough for countless number of development time and expense you saved me. I would highly recommend this organization and its products to any of my colleagues. I am looking forward to a long working relationship with Digiappz."

Scott Morgan - Cornerstone Consultants - (website).

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