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Digiappz - DigiRez
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Retail and Wholesale Catalogs
Supporting full B2B and B2C trading, with minimal content duplication and complex product options such as attributes, sizes, and personalisation variables.
Simple Web-based Store Manager
Sellers do not need strong IT skills - all management of stores is via simple web interface.
B2B Negotiation
The only B2B solution we're aware of which replicates a real B2B negotiation, and completes the order with online payment and deferred payment support.
Personalised Customer Accounts
Each customer can manage their profile, track previous orders, and so on, across multiple stores with a single login/profile.
Extensive Reporting
Sales, payment, customer, and stock management reporting for each store owner.
Store Designer
Each individual store design can be fully customised via a simple online store designer.
Integrated Advertising
Automated advertising of individual products, and Featured Stores within the site.
Online Processing
Realtime processing of payments with no need for Merchant account. All payments settled automatically into sellers bank account.
Global Solution
Automatic calculation of appropriate shipping (8 models!) and tax rates based on customer location worldwide.
CDiscounts and Promotions
Extensively featured discount and promotion programmes - on an individual product, category, or store basis.
Mall and Directory
Integrated Business Directory and Online Mall with semi-automated and self-managed content management.
…and much, much, much more.
In one installation for example, this system is enabling over 450 small companies to collectively market and sell their products internationally. If you believe BIZMARKET might be a solution to your requirements, contact us today for additional information and an outline pricing proposal.

Remember, DIGIAPPZ have been working with groups of small-medium business for over 5 years developing customised ecommerce solutions - BIZMARKET captures that experience in one integrated platform.
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